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Mike and I started our business in 1994, on a small farm in Southwest Missouri. We strive to raise HEALTHY and HAPPY puppies. We want to help you find that PERFECT pet to be your BEST FRIEND!


We have 2 sons Derek and Jonathan that are grown and moved on with their lives.


Derek graduated from University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. In May of 2010 he graduated from Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama, as an Apache Helicopter Pilot. Derek currently works for the Missouri National Guard at Camp Clark in Nevada, MO.

Jonathan graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO and now works at Synergy as the Transportation Manager and helps us out when he can.


We are VERY PROUD of our children and their accomplishments in life.


Derek and Lindsay where married in 2010 and are living in Lamar, MO.  Lindsay works as a Dental Assistant in Lamar, MO.  They also have added a member to their family Rucker my 1st (Grand Puppy).  Rucker is a Blue Merle Border-Aussie and is VERY SMART and LOVING!  In May 2013 Derek and Lindsay welcomed home their new Daughter Avery Rose.  She is Grandma's  PRIDE AND JOY!!  Derek has been deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan, we are very grateful he is home now.


Jonathan also lives in Lamar, he recently just moved in to his new home that was completed in December of 2011.  He has added a new member to his family Hank the most AWESOME Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  In April 2013 Jonathan married the love of his life Erin.  I am very lucky that my boys picked such good women to be their wives and my daughter-in-laws. They have 2 sons Jaxson was born in October of 2013 and Tyson was born in November of 2015.  Jaxson has the LOVE for puppies just like his Gramie.  These boys remind me so much of my sons.  LOVE THEM BOTH VERY MUCH.

Between having 3 Grandchildren and all my puppies and dogs I keep myself very busy. 

Mike and I LOVE dogs and have 6 family pets, Bailey, Pebbles & Buster are our Mini Aussie’s.  Molly, Lilly & Morgan are our Mini Schnauzer’s.