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Name: Coop

Description: Melanie, I was so glad that I ran into you today at the vet. I came home and tried to get some good pictures of Cooper, but of course he had just played in his pool and then the dirt so he is a little dirty in these. Not to mention he wanted to play around, so much for the lazy boy I told you he was. He is an absolutely amazing, funny guy and we are so glad that we found him through you. He is great with the kids, as you can see in some of the pictures he is always giving them kisses. Honestly I think he thinks he weighs 5 pounds and should be on your lap, because that is where he wants to be. He is great and when we are ready to add another fur baby to our family, you will be the first one we call!!!! I included one that was taken in March and it is my all time favorite of him. It is classic Coop!!! Thanks, Krista Fisher