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Gemini - Katie

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Name: Gemini - Katie

Description: *****We love our Katie Doodle!! After a few weeks of searching the internet for just the right Goldendoodle, we came upon the pictures of Melanie and Mike Moore's Goldendoodle puppies on and immediately fell in love, particularly with Gemini (her new name is Katie)! Melanie was so understanding when answering the many questions we had and provided all the reassurance needed that we were getting a healthy and happy puppy! When Katie arrived at the airport (with all of her necessary paperwork), she was clean and fluffy, and was completely crate-trained; a real plus!! When we got home, Katie blended right in and even slept through her first night without a peep! And, she is so VERY smart ~ already associating words with actions. Melanie and Mike have been absolutely fabulous in our first experience of adopting a puppy from an out-of-state breeder ~ we definitely recommend them as wonderful breeders, as well as delightful to work with. Reviewer: Cort and Sharon, September 29, 2013