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Update on Rocky

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Name: Update On Rocky

Description: I received this email last night and wanted to share. John and I came to your farm to get an Australian Shepherd pup because my Australian Shepherd had been poisoned and died just a couple of days before I came to your farm. You showed us 2 pups. One pup picked John out so I took John and the pup home. Johnny held him and cuddled him like a little baby all the way back to Girard where we stopped at Dr. Morlands, got him a harness and a heart worm pill, and then home. On the way from Lamar to Girard I asked John what he thought we ought to name him . . . . maybe name him after the dog that died . . . John said: "Let's name him Rocky." So that's his name. He weighed 15.4 pounds when we got him. He weighs a little over 50 pounds now and has just completed his 8th month of life. He is really active, really smart, really playful, really brave, and really soft and warm and cuddly when it's that time. He learns with only 2 or 3 lessons but at his age he needs reminders occasionally. He went out to watch the lightening and listen to the thunder the other night and never showed any fear. He's been ideal for me. I can almost hear him hollerin' and laughin' and actin' up. Lifting him up into my lap, playing tug of war or just holding back on the leash, and all the moving around he requires has helped me keep off the 35 pounds and has helped restore muscle so I'm not just an old 75 year. He's kept me going and my check-ups with my personal care physician and the specialists at the kidney transplant clinic keep telling me that Rocky's the best thing that's happened to me. Thanks for Rocky.