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Updated on Tank - Sam

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Name: Updated On Tank - Sam

Description: Received this email from Cassy after checking on her puppy. 7/07/2015 He is doing great! He's such a good dog! He hasn't had any accidents inside and he's such a sweet boy! We are so in love with him thank you so much!!!! Another update from Cassie 8/20/2015 Melanie, I wanted to let you know how Sam has been doing! We just absolutely love him. He is so entertaining! He loves the dog park and swimming in the lake. We are taking him to obedience classes and the instructor just loves him, and uses Sam as an example in front of our class every week! We can't thank you enough for the wonderful addition to our family! I have tons and tons of photos but I'll attach a few of my favorites for you. I do get asked a lot where we got Sam and I always give your name and website. Thank you again for all that you've given to us! Cassy and CJ