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Update on Sparky and Shadow

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Name: Update On Sparky And Shadow

Description: I received this email and pic's from Sparky and Shadow new Mom. 7/24/2015 Hi Melanie On behalf of John and myself, I wanted to share with you some updates on Sparky and Shadow, our brother Aussies we got from you in March last year! (They're snuggling on the couch with me as I write this e-mail!) These boys are the sweetest, most gentle and loyal dogs I've ever met. They love giving kisses and will melt your heart with their sweet little faces. They also love doing anything outside- hiking, swimming, camping, going to the name it, they love it! Despite being Aussies that have the stereotype for being high strung, these boys are so well-behaved that we basically take them everywhere with us...which is great because they also love car rides! Shadow has also befriended one of our chickens who is a flock outcast- he protects her and in return, she will give him little pecks and snuggles. I've attached some pictures of them so you can see them now that they're all grown up! These boys mean the world to us, and we're so grateful to have them! Hope you enjoy the photos! (The hotdog and cowboy was from Halloween!) Sincerely, Blair and John