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Update on Dandelion - Daisy

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Name: Update On Dandelion - Daisy

Description: Received this from Daisy's new owner's today with lots of picture's. Hello! Figured we would send some photos of Daisy. She is doing so well and we love her so much, she has such an amazing temperament and personality. Within the first week, she was potty trained, knew how to sit, roll over, give-a-paw- now she even lays down while we prepare her food! She loves going for walks, especially in NYC - where she has many dog friends. We bring her to the park almost every day (she leads us there!) and the dog parks around. We can hardly walk on the street without being stopped at least 5 times each walk (its actually kind of annoying sometimes) because everyone is so enthralled by her, and she adores the attention. She reunited with Dudley 2 weeks ago and they were so cute together! He is much smaller than she is but they ran around and played together for a long time. Dudley is doing really well too, he lives with a larger dog and a ferret! Him and the ferret chase each other around my girlfriend’s aunt’s house every day. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Rich, Alex & Daisy